Water cannons, interactive rudders and a 300-liter bucket of water ready to tip over on you!

Treasure Island

The only pirate-themed game in an Italian water park. In the swimming pool area reserved for children, parents will be sure that their little ones will have a lot of fun, in total safety between splashes and refreshing buckets of water. There are numerous games, suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 12:

  • A 300 liter tipping bucket
  • Cannons, rockets, sprinkles – water
  • Slides for children
  • Rocks, palm trees and interactive games

The Land of Dragons

A children’s play area completely dedicated to the land of dragons, is equipped with slides and paths. A magical world for all children, including dragon slides, catapults and tensile structures to shelter them from the sun.

Baby Land

The La Quiete water park offers families a place dedicated to your little ones to let them have fun and play in complete tranquility. The entertainers of the park will keep your children company, aged 3 and up, playing with them and practicing fun and stimulating activities, such as:

  • Recreational activities
  • Art workshops
  • Team play
  • Sports tournaments
  • Babydance

The Baby Land offered by the aquatic center is free.